For The Least Of Us "Prison Ministry"

Bill Ziering

About Me

I'm team leader of a church mission, For The Least Of Us, a prison ministry. It's mission is three tiered: One, to conduct in-prison evangelism and discipleship. Two, to identify, actively nurture, and support those families left behind who reside in a prison of their own. Three, to link with other post –prison and aftercare organizations towards total reintegration of the individual back into the family, community, church, and workplace with full rights under the law and equal status among man. The main pursuit of the ministry is to come aside the family in love on a continuous basis. Some of the components include: Prayer, Christian counseling, small group fellowship, Church outreach, visitations, food, clothing, child care and activities, assistance with community services, home repair, healthcare, business counseling, job training, physical and nutritional mentoring, Pen-Pal, and Angel Tree