ANGEL TREE (Prison Fellowship)


CHURCHES: Carmel Presbyterian Church (lead), New Life Deliverance Seaside), 7th Day Adventist Church (Seaside). 

CAPTAINS: Tom Tuttle, Levonne Stone, Charles Russell, Bill and Pam Ziering.

SPONSORS: Sunrise Rotary (Monterey), Nino Palma

DONORS: Missions Committee (Carmel Presbyterian Church), Perry Miller, Neale Johnson.

ADOPTING PARENTS: Nancy and Terry Budden, Pam and Doug Coates, Sue and Doyle Clayton, Cynthia Cahalon, Mavis and Bob Edwards, Heatherly and Mike Bucher, Jackie Kennedy, Marisa and Harry Jang, Vicki and Bill Tackett, Jeanne and Ed Young, Johanna Sherrill, Judge Linda Wilde, Joe Tarrantino, Mary Waters, Vicki and John Edwards, Rose and Joe DiRocco, Carolyn and Charlie Hayes, Jason and Nan Shen, Ann and Ron Kihara, Susan Lowell, Sharon Del Rosario, Kathy and Pat Lynch, Jackie Pickenbough, Janet Serguson, Don Porter, Chuck Hawkins, Peg and General Bob Chadwick, Lily and Pastor Kert Hultgren, Marcie and Richard Murray, Tom and Mrs  Tuttle, Pam and Bill Ziering, and the church body from New Life Deliverance, and 7th Day Adventist churches.

DRIVERS, DELIVERERS (Gifts and Gospel), and WRAPPERS: Tom Tuttle, Regina Noble, Brooks Lame, Wayne Ford, Pam Ziering

CITIES OF THE FAMILIES LEFT BEHIND: Carmel, Castroville, Chular, Del Rey Oakes,   Gonzales, King City, Marina, Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Marina, Moss Landing, Salinas, Seaside, Stockton, Watsonville. 



We jumped in late. It wasn’t until early November that on making inquiries, Pastor Jim Romig of Shoreline Community Church in Monterey (their  original project director) referred us to the present administrator, Lynn Koljin – who gifted us with their surplus of 75 families.  Lynn, with five years of experience, didn’t hesitate to fully orient our coalition on the process.

The project grew and grew, and we never quite were sufficiently prepared with personnel and organization to make it as smooth a journey as it will be next year.

We also stumbled into conflict from the onset. For several years the deacons at Carmel Pres had successfully run another Angel Tree project, “Community Partnership For Youth”. There was concern that in promotion, the congregation could be confused resulting in neither project doing as well as anticipated, leaving children of both shorthanded.

Most all of our promotion took place on Sundays, on adjacent tables, (Prison Fellowship and CPY) before and after worship services in the patio outside the sanctuary. Further, I was not very successful in detailing the mission on A.T. to those who stopped at our table.